Our Story

Solar Client System was founded in May of 2018 with the mission of empowering the solar industry and solar sales professionals across North America. The ability to tap into the online lead generation space has never been more of a necessity for the top solar sales professionals around the country.

Since its inception, Solar Client System has helped over 250 solar professionals generate leads and appointments online through various media platforms. With more than 50,000 leads generated, our automated program allows these reps and businesses to maximize revenue growth month-over-month.

“Solar Clients On Demand” is our flagship done-for-you marketing program. Within this comprehensive program, the SCS team will take over your online marketing efforts, allowing you and your team to generate qualified homeowner leads and appointments on a daily basis moving forward.

Solar Client System also offers a variety of training programs that assist solar professionals with online lead generation and automated sales processes. In an effort to be as well-rounded as possible, SCS covers multiple media and traffic sources in the trainings and done-for-you programs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower solar professionals everywhere to tap into the growing lead generation resource that is social media and the internet.


We see the solar industry as extremely fast-moving. It is a growing opportunity for solar professionals to not only make a living but also make a positive impact on the planet.


Our marketing has a direct-response focus, while also positioning the solar professional for a sale. We focus on quality over quantity when generating leads to maximize time-efficiency on the part of the solar professional.


Our focus is to increase sales for the solar professional as soon as they come in contact with one of our products or services. It's important that we tangibly add revenue to the business while also improving processes and brand awareness.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our most important metric when analyzing success in our business. We know that if our clients are able to use our trainings and programs to generate installs, we're on the right track.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team oversees the daily business operations and their respective teams.

Pierce Grimes

Managing Partner

Ryan Hood

Managing Partner

Andrew Hood

Client Acquisition


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